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As a Guru

Apart from her phenomenal musical extravagance, it is gratifying for a close observer to perceive her humane and giving nature. She is a Friend, Guide, Gury, Philosopher and Mentor to her disciples. To her colleagues she is a giver personified. To her Guru, she is the perfect disciple. To her listeners, she gives her heart and soul through her multifaceted voice like the Triveni Sangamam. 

But, perhaps the greatest lesson she teaches is how to nurture the Guru-Sishya relationship, for to her Guru, she is the Paramaananda Sishya. This is plain to see because she not only excels in the art form he taught her, but has also dedicated herself to fulfill his dream project – Academy Of Indian Music & Arts-AIMA a non profit organisation which strives for the preservation, propogation and promotion of Indian music and musicians, thus imbibing the next generation with this sacred knowledge. 

Devie has been deeply involved in the day to day and long term developments and international collaborations of Academy of Indian music & Arts (AIMA) as its Director.

All her students, be they professionals, prodigies, connossieurs, or simply hobbyists, will attest to Devie as being there as a friend, but no-less a Guide, Severe Guru, Philosopher and Mentor. 

Through the eyes of a student

“Looking back | realise that’s what made me Learn. She made the most difficult challenges seem a fun game. She can be hard on you, but always encouraging, till all of a sudden you are there on the stage too. And even then she still keeps encouraging you, loving you and blessing you. Thank you Akka for keeping the overflowing love of the age old parampara alive, and making us feel its meaning.”

As a philanthropist

As a Director, Devie has been deeply involved in the day to day and long term projects of the Academy of Indian music & Arts (AIMA), a registered charitable trust. It is not just to her colleagues that she is a giver personified. As a socially aware person, Devie spends most of her spare time interacting with children from under privileged society, the young talents coming out of music and other professional institutions without support. She goes out of the way to be of help to them by finding opportunities across the arts scene. A poet, visionary and a truly sensitive person, Devie Neithiyar is always looking for the opportunity to make the world better through The Love of Art & the Art of Love!

Devie holds a master’s degree in Reiki and Healing . A highly sensitive person with a intense passion to be of help ,she also spends time in counselling and reaches out to address the spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs of the needy.

Meticulously Loving

” _.. yeah, that’s the only way | can sum her up. She looks after
her students (and just about everyone who comes into contact with her) so much. There’s always a warm ear to ear smile on her face, and a childlike playfulness. “