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The Artist

Dr. Devie Neithiyar epitomizes musical excellence, with over three decades of dedicated study under esteemed gurus. Renowned for her exquisite vocal talent, Dr. Devie's performances are marked by authenticity, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. She believes in staying true to her artistic essence, expressing emotions sincerely through her music, thereby forging deep connections with her audience. Dive deeper into Dr. Devie Neithiyar's remarkable journey on our dedicated 'About Devie Neithiyar' page, where you'll uncover the profound impact of her soul-stirring performances and her relentless pursuit of musical perfection.

Enchanting melodies for unforgettable moments.

Experience Devie's Musical Magic

Live Performances

Immerse your audience in the enchanting melodies of Dr. Devie Neithiyar's live performances, tailored to elevate any event. From intimate gatherings to grand galas, experience captivating musical experiences that leave a lasting impression. Let Dr. Devie's music weave a spellbinding atmosphere, creating unforgettable moments for all in attendance.


Music Collaborations

Experience the transformative power of collaboration with Dr. Devie Neithiyar, where musical journeys are crafted into unforgettable experiences. Unleash the magic of harmonious collaboration as you embark on a unique musical voyage, tailored precisely to your vision. Together, let's create extraordinary moments that resonate with the soul.


Music Workshops

Elevate your musical prowess with Dr. Devie Neithiyar's enriching workshops, designed to expand your talents and explore new dimensions in music. Unleash your potential alongside a seasoned vocalist, drawing from decades of expertise to guide you towards mastery. Join us and embark on a transformative journey towards musical excellence.


Empowering communities, one note of kindness at a time.

Devie Neithiyar as a philanthropist


Devie Neithiyar's unwavering support for LiAF provides veteran musicians with dignity and underprivileged talents with opportunities, preserving the purity of music in a commercialized world.

Impact on Art Students​

Dr. Devie Neithiyar's passion for music extends to nurturing young artists, inspiring and guiding passionate art students in their creative journeys. Through workshops, mentorship programs, and scholarships, she empowers aspiring artists to pursue their dreams and make a difference through their art.

Mental Health Advocacy

Dr. Devie Neithiyar advocates for mental health awareness, promoting open conversations and reducing stigma surrounding mental health issues. She collaborates with organizations and participates in events to support mental health initiatives

Orphanage Outreach

Dr. Devie Neithiyar extends her philanthropic efforts to orphanages, providing support, resources, and opportunities for children in need. She believes in nurturing a sense of belonging and empowerment among orphaned children through music and mentorship.

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TVG AIMA, Kriyates Complex, 361, Madha Koil St, Vivekananda Nagar, Thoraipakkam, Tamil Nadu 600097

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+91 95662 03821

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For inquiries, collaborations, or booking requests, please reach out to us via Email/Call/WhatsApp. Whether you're interested in hosting a live performance, participating in a music workshop, or exploring collaboration opportunities, we're here to assist you. Feel free to contact Devie and team, and we'll be delighted to connect with you.

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