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Dr Devie Neithiyar

Dr. Devie Neithiyar, born with a voice unparalleled and destined for greatness, emerged from an aristocratic family in Kerala, South India. Initiated into singing at a tender age by her mother, she quickly showcased her prodigious talent, winning national-level competitions by the age of five. Under the mentorship of music genius Guruji Dr. T.V. Gopalakrishnan in Chennai, she flourished into his premier disciple, honing her naturally mellifluous and expressive voice over three decades of devoted study. Today, Devie stands as one of South India's most unique and versatile vocalists, her talent transcending languages and idioms, captivating audiences worldwide.

Some people are a phenomenon as they are born. Some are born to become a phenomenon and some are made to be phenomena by consistent effort.

Her Guru


The Versatile Genius

Dr. T V Gopalakrishnan (Dr. TVG), awarded with the nation’s second-highest honor of Padma Bhushan for Indian Classical Vocal and Percussion, has ushered in a new era of classical music and rhythm, transcending various styles. His influence extends to the younger generation of musicians and music lovers, shaping their aesthetic pursuits. Dr. TVG’s unparalleled contributions span six decades, nurturing generations of achievers in music, with disciples including renowned international celebrities such as Ilayaraja, AR Rehman, Sivamani, and more. Revered as a vocalist in both Carnatic and Hindustani styles, a mrdangam virtuoso, and an innovator in Indian jazz, Dr. TVG’s expertise also extends to voice culture, music therapy, and composition. His unmatched versatility, creativity, and visionary leadership make him a beacon of inspiration in today’s Indian music landscape.